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Tempeh Fugit

by Soy

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We're off To Bugarach. Where we will rock And beat the clock. And find New ways to blow our minds, 'Cause we're running out of time. The blind leading the blind. Away we go. We're on our way. The end of the world's Just a month away. Worship in the caves When we arrive. It's the only way we'll get out of this alive! Thousands Upon thousands of these dingbats Stinking up a village Of about 200 And performing Goofy hippie rituals And talking suicide On a massive scale. Skyclad on a mountain. The locals just look away. Chicken Little fucks keep counting. How many days away. And so The time has come To gather all the dumb In their UFO garage. And when These lemmings realize They're living all these lies They'll shrivel up and die.
"God" this and "Prayer" that As if a god would care about pro fuckin' sports! And getting traded for a bag of pucks does not entitle you to float all year. Millionaires are baiting bears And hiding in the trees with an entire film crew. It's still legal in Alberta, and it Gives you a super manly photo to tweet. Now you badly pulled your groin On day one of training camp. Stay on the IR. Get bought out next summer. Stay on the IR. Get bought out next summer.
Footin' the bill For eight billion For natural gas We'll never see Blasting sand and water with mystery chemicals in the groundwater Helping themselves to all our water for their fucking fossil fuel The carbon imprint just to get this shit ain't ultimately worth the cost So - for public interest and water resources - all is fucking lost? Talisman, and Encana and Canbriam are foes We got no choice we got no voice, so I guess we're in their throes Ministers consulting with First Nations? Yeah - whatever you say We will not be fucked around, but we've been ripped off.
His brother knew them well Always watched them jam Hoped he could play keyboards For them as a stand-in Then one day he brought them over To Paul's Mom's house an' shit It's here that Paul cannot recall Exactly which member was it? Paul's Mom met Saga Paul says Saga like Mississauga But we say Saga like an Indian raga No one can stop us now Tonight we got no fuckin' excuse. Paul's Mom met Saga
I'm another a city person I know stuff, like how to pay my bills But now I'm lost and alone in the woods And no one taught me any survival skills! Those things look like raspberries But how do I know for sure? If eating that mushroom makes me sick What do I eat for a cure? Will I have to kill an animal? Holy shit, isn't that cruel? Kinda wish they'd taught me Some of this shit in school! Argh! Rescue Me! I can't Live! Out of Doors! This "web of life" shouldn't include me It's mostly for trees and bears Return my corpse to my concrete habitat And bury me in Tupperware Argh! Rescue me.
Fred Willard 02:00
At first we knew him as Jerry Hubbard! Greatest living sidekick. Made Barth Gimble proud. Too many highlights To mention in his career But there's definitely a couple gems That gotta be mentioned here. Lookin' sharp in Spinal Tap Rockin' Lieutenant Bob Crackin' jokes about long hair And requesting slow numbers. As Ron Albertson and Buck Laughlin And Mike "wha' happened?" Lafontaine These are immortal icons Who should be etched into your brain. Portraying Traggs with Tim and Eric Or the Restaurateur of Cheese Or Mancierge to help you out For all your organizational needs. Poor guy gets busted for whackin' off in a fuckin' porn theatre!


another awesome Cody recording (2/13), hoping to throw some of these on a 7" with Victoria's almighty Bungus.


released March 3, 2013

All music by Soy. Lyrics by Doug, except for "Nugent" and "Rescue" by Cruiser. Thanks to whoever drew that bird helicopter thing.


all rights reserved



Soy Victoria, British Columbia

Soy formed in 1996, put out a cassette and a 7-inch, toured a bit, broke up in '97, reunited in '11, and played a few shows and recorded some new stuff in '12. Scheduled to break up again in '14, so enjoy it while you can. RIP Richard Dunn.

Drums/Vocals: Doug
Guitar: Paul
Bass/Vocals: Cruiser
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