by Soy

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Recorded at Doug's place by Cody Creepcore in a couple of days in February 2012.


released March 11, 2012

Music by Soy. All lyrics by Doug, except "A Cupboard's Tale" and most of "Breivik Geofarm" by Cruiser. More Roger Dean desecration by Cal.



all rights reserved


Soy Victoria, British Columbia

Soy formed in 1996, put out a cassette and a 7-inch, toured a bit, broke up in '97, reunited in '11, and played a few shows and recorded some new stuff in '12. Scheduled to break up again in '14, so enjoy it while you can. RIP Richard Dunn.

Drums/Vocals: Doug
Guitar: Paul
Bass/Vocals: Cruiser
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Track Name: Deranged Psychic Confluence
Power of the masses with minds of molasses
Loud thoughts equal dumb thoughts all across the globe
Synchronize with numskull airwaves - rot your brain!
The psychotropic astral traveller’s gone fucked in the head

Long distance
All around:


Slaphead minds think all alike, it’s often said.
Deranged Psychic Confluence invades my head!

Deranged Psychic Confluence
Deranged Psychic Confluence
Track Name: Breivik Geofarm
Not too bad a cover -
makes it seem legit
to order several tons
of ammonium nitrate.

A.N.'s a great
oxidizing agent
when mixed with some
at a 60-
40 ratio.
Gonna blow up you
Marxist multiculturalists.

I enrich it with aluminum powder
and, to induce deflagration-to-detonation transition,
spark it up with a wick of sodium nitrate.
Annihilate Eurabia.

I hope to God, well, my God anyway, that all you fuckin' idiots croak.
If you can't stand the faith, then get off of the island.
Useless little fuckin' wastes of space.
Probably all Islamists - every last one of 'em.

Good enough for the I.R.A.
Good enough for Tim McVeigh.
For the World Trade Center in '93.
For rebel Taliban I.E.D.'s.
Good enough for the Basque E.T.A.
And good enough to help me restart the Crusades.
Track Name: Theme from 'Soy' (Revisited) (Sort of)
It's been one million years
Yeah, it's been way too long
Seems just like yesterday
Another brilliant song
You've wondered where we've been
Just aging like fine wine
But now the moment's come
Had to happen, now's the time

Like knights in shining armour
We will allay your fears
Our fans have been deprived
For more than thirteen years
We're gonna rock you dead
We're gonna fuck you up
We're gonna lay it down
Welcome back your fucking gods!
Track Name: Cruiser's Song
to grab
the bike
and go.

And beat the fuck out of Dodge for now.
Regain a sense of my senses somehow.
Just get outside and get away from it all.
The yonder beckons and I'm hearing its call.


I really don't mind where I live these days.
It's been 18 years, guess I'll stick with this place.
Some people are funny but we all get by.
So I'll pack my bags and on my wheels I'll fly.

Sure, at times
the city sucks.
Like T.K. said,
society's fucked.

Ride down that fucking road.
Burn down that fucking road.
Bike down that fucking road.

Sail down that fucking road.
Fly down that fucking road.
Cruise down that fucking road.

Make like
a banana and split.
Don't fucking care,
not one fucking bit.

Ride down that fucking road.
Burn down that fucking road.
Bike down that fucking road.

Sail down that fucking road.
Fly down that fucking road.
Track Name: Welcome to the M.W.O. (Monsanto World Order)
Planet earth styles by Monsanto.
One big fucking monoculture.

Spewing Round-Up, aspartame, B.G.H.
Transgenic mutation, bionic corn.

Unleash all those cool G.M.O.'s.

Vaccination in disguise as sterilization.
Quadruple one: the special ones, the only ones.

All hail Monsanto.

They've got the power, they've got the seed to take things over.
They'll rule the world, they'll rule your ass and fuck us over.

Regulation by litigation and private armies.
Sicking Blackwater on journalists.

Monsanto can fuck off and die.
Track Name: Anchorage '64
Surging from the ocean floor
Mother Nature has in store
A battering ram in waves galore
To fuck shit up like never before

Ripping through the earth's crust
Exploding upwards - all is lost
Anchorage's hair gets mussed
Terra firma gets concussed

Anchorage '64
Anchorage '64
Anchorage fucking '64
Anchorage motherfucking goddamn 'sixty-fucking-four!!

Upheaval in the streets
Stumblin' over our feet
Through chunks of concrete
Some cake to eat

The roller coaster roads
The land - all warped and bowed
Our debt to nature is owed

At 9.2 - and there's more
Who knows what’s in store
Behind Cascadia's door.
Track Name: A Cupboard's Tale
This kitchen's poorly organized!
And these cupboards and drawers must've been built by chimps!
Now I barely passed Woodwork 8,
but I'll be fucked if I gotta spend my whole 6-month lease cooking in this shithole.

Prime timbers
like teak and oak
and rosewood
are way outside
of your budget.
Your kitchen's useless
if you're fucking broke.

So I'll build it with manmade crap
like plywood and particle board.
And I'll have to invest in some power tools.
You can't cut chipboard with a handsaw.

Dude, I've cut beech with a handsaw.
Hard work, but it cut straight and clean.
Try that with this waferboard trash.
Now try it with a bandsaw and see what I mean.

Hand me that jigsaw and spindle moulder.
Don't nail plywood; it'll just split.
Cut a tambour groove right into the carcase.
Use dowelled mitres; no veneer-keyed shit.

Right here I should make
slot-dovetail joints.
Gotta buy a toothing plane
and a keyhole saw.
Better make these tongues
These lippings and edgings will
surely drop my landlord's

Now this is an efficient kitchen.
Really feels like an accomplishment.
I used local value-added products
that won't ever get warped or bent.

This has been a cupboard's tale.
Track Name: The Teabaggers' Orgy
As of this writing
October 2011
They're full steam ahead
Robber baron-loving inbreds

Fuck off Michelle
Hope you rot in hell
You'll lose the fight
You and your Christian right

Yeah no shit
Obama wasn't perfect
But stop and think, shithead
Michelle in his place?

Big brother's little sister
No one will miss her
What the hell should we do
Shoot her out in to space?

Herm Cain and Rick Perry
Also total morons
I'd like to see them vanish
Without any trace.

They somehow blame Obama
For inheriting Bush's mess
While those blathering foxy news whores
Spew their bullshit hate-fests.